Temple Run for PC Download [Windows 10/7/8/Mac]

Temple Run for PCIn the year 2011, Raleigh has developed and published an endless game named as Temple Run. The team of husband and wife named as Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova has produced, designed and programmed this game.

Initially, the game was launched for iOS devices and looking at the popularity of the game, later the company launched the game which supported Android as well as Windows Phones.

In the year 2013, the sequel of Temple Run was launched in the market and over a billion of users have downloaded and played this endless game. The game is all about stealing the treasure and the player is chased by a demonic monkey who wants to eat the player. The end of the game comes when the player either falls or the demonic monkey eats the player. At the start of the game it is slow and gradually it takes up the speed and the player runs fast. The game can be registered using your social media account and you can check your top scores and beat your friends.

While running, the player needs to pick up the coins and power up which enhances the scores of the player. There are various stages and missions which a player needs to clear while playing this game. There are various versions of Temple Run like Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Temple Run Brave, Temple Run OZ and many more. The game is played by jumping over the cliffs, avoiding obstacles and swipe to take the turn.

Features Temple Run For PC

  • More than 58 different achievements to be achieved by the player
  • Different characters
  • Various power up like coin bonus, shield, score, coin magnet, Boost, Invisible, mega boost and many more
  • New obstacles like zip lines, mine tracks, sharper turns, waterfalls, waterslides fires and many more
  • Use green gems and can continue the game
  • Different levels
  • After completion of an achievement, the player is able to receive new power-up or green gems
  • Amazing graphics used while playing the game
  • At the time of Christmas new character and stages are revealed

Temple Run for windows

How to download Temple Run for PC?

  1. First, download and install Bluestacks App Player in your system. You can download by searching “Bluestacks” on Google
  2. Click on search option and type “Temple Run”
  3. Make sure that your system is connected with high-end internet speed
  4. Within the span of few minutes, the game will be installed successfully in your system

Download the adventures game and enjoy the endless game. Achieve all the achievements and unlock different power-ups.


Temple Run is an endless adventurous game which consists of various powers up and obstacles. There are different achievements which are rewarded with green gems or coins. There are daily bonuses also available on a daily play of the game. The game ends when the player is either eaten by the monster or the player has fallen down while running. It has ancient time music and different sounds while collecting the coins or when power up is being used by the player. So, download the most loved game now and be one of the billions down-loader.

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